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Just Terminated! Real Estate Real Talk

Yep, TERMINATED! Agents love to share "Just Sold" and "Just Listed" posts, but rarely....actually I have never seen a post about terminated contracts. My goal is to share with our followers and

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Sales & Inventory Data for the Florida Panhandle. What does this mean?

Sales Volume and Inventory for the Panhandle (Jan-May 2022)Inventory and Sales, also called "Supply and Demand" in the world of economics!  We have all been hearing a lot about this in the news

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How much CASH do buyers need to purchase in today's market?

Down Payment + Closing Cost + Negotiation LeverageExample:➜Buyer saves $35,000 cash for purchase➜Lender approved buyer for a loan with 5% down payment➜Closing cost average 3% in your state per

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